the assynt quaich

This award is known as the “Assynt Quaich” in honour of its place of origin and the style of the trophy (pronounced "quake", from the Gaelic word "cuach" a drinking vessel). The award is in fact a pewter quaich, presented to the Caledonian Society by Mr. Norman MacAskill of Assynt, Scotland, soon after he arrived to attend the Waipu Sesquicentennial celebrations in January 2003.

Assynt is where many of the Waipu Nova Scotian settlers originated in Scotland. Instead of being added to the already grand list of competitive trophies, it was felt that this valuable item was worthy of something more original. Below is the wording on the wooden stand supporting the Assynt Quaich.

The Assynt Quaich is to be presented annually to a selected person or persons of any age group, who in the opinion of the Committee has supported the main ideals of the Waipu Caledonian Society and the Waipu Highland Games, in their constitutional objective to maintain the preservation of our Scottish and Nova Scotian traditions and heritage.”

The recipient is nominated at the AGM and is presented with the Quaich at the next Highland Games.


Recipients of the Assynt Quaich

  • 2004 Laura McLean
  • 2005 Murdock S. McDonald
  • 2006 Patrick Hellier
  • 2007 Brian O’Brien
  • 2008 Betty Powell
  • 2009 Lewis A. Turrell  MBE
  • 2010 Flo Ryan
  • 2011 Rev. Peter Dunn
  • 2012 Malcom Sandford
  • 2013 Don Ewen
  • 2014 Keith Thompson
  • 2015 Keith Thompson
    2016 Richie Guy
  • 2017 Kay Dixon
  • 2018 Fraser Sim