The Waipu Caledonian Society Inc.
Comunn Na H-alba Waipu
Solo Piping Programme
Established 1871 Tir nam Beann’s nam Gleann’s nam Gaisgeach - The country of the mountains, the glens and the heroes
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit - No one injures me with impunity


EVENT 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Fee
Open 0 Solo Medley: Helen McGregor Memorial Trophy,
To be played on Saturday evening 31st Dec
At 7 p.m. in the Celtic Barn. (Not under P.&D. Rules)



PROGRAMME FOR 2017 - Commencing 9.00 a.m

Open Grant Downie Trophy - Most points in Open Grade
Open 1 2/4 March - NCC Angus McDonald Trophy

Open 2 Strathspey & Reel - Cock O’ the North Trophy NCC

Open 3 Piobaireachd - Centennial Shield - NI Open Championship

Open 4 March Strathspey & Reel NCC Finlayson Trophy

Open 5 Hornpipe & Jig. Frazer Trophy – NCC Open Championship

B Grade Under 21 McLennan Memorial Trophy - Most points Moon Family Trophy - Most points under 21
Both events combined but Judged separately.

B Grade 6 2/4 March NCC - W.I. McGregor Cup

U 21 7 2/4 March + Qualifying event for the William Boyle Memorial Scholarship

B Grade 8 Strathspey & Reel NCC

U 21 9 Strathspey & Reel NZ Championship

B Grade 10 Piobaireachd NCC

U 21 11 Piobaireachd + Qualifying event for the William Boyle Memorial Scholarship.
B Grade 12 March Strathspey & Reel NCC

B Grade 13 Hornpipe & Jig NCC

14 Veteran Pipers (minimum age 55)

C & D Grade Fleming Shield - most points in C Grade Donnelly Trophy – most points D Grade
Pipe Chanter 15 Practice Chanter - open to all Learners

Novice 16 Novice March consisting of 2 parts of a march of any time signature

Novice 17 Novice Slow Air of at least 2 parts

D Grade 18 2/4 March Iris McLeod Cup

C Grade 19 2/4 March NCC Rev McFarlane Cup

D Grade 20 Piobaireachd - Playground only

C Grade 21 Piobaireachd - Submit one whole tune

D Grade 22 Strathspey & Reel

C Grade 23 Strathspey & Reel NCC

C Grade 24 Hornpipe & Jig NCC

Prizes and trophies will be presented at the conclusion of each event.View the PDF programme for prize money and entry costs.

Conditions of Entry:
This Competition shall be conducted under the rules of the Piping & Dancing Assn of NZ except for No’s 0, 14 & 15. Every competitor shall produce a membership certificate for the current year when asked to do so and if unable to do so may be required to apply for membership forthwith. P & D Rules relating to Pipers Dress will be adhered to. In the event of a tie for a trophy aggregate marks will be used.
 Rule 37 regarding tuning will be enforced. Competitors risk disqualification if they are not ready to play when called upon.
 No New Zealand, North Island or Centre Championship shall be awarded unless there are not fewer than 5 competitors in the event and the Judge certifies the winning performance is of standard to merit the award of the Championship.
Competitors MUST report to Board Stewards at least 5 minutes prior to each event, otherwise their right to compete may be forfeited. Tuning time at the board will be at the judge’s discretion.
All events: 3 entries - 1st Prize only awarded 5 entries - 1st & 2nd Prizes awarded 7 entries - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes awarded 15 or more entries - A 4th Prize will be awarded
NOTE: Any competitor who is a previous winner of D Grade events is advised to enter other grades
Competitors are asked to wear Highland Dress when being presented with a trophy
Note: No Animals are allowed into the Caledonian Park.
This is a Health Dept, requirement and will be enforced by our Security Staff
Entries close on the 7 December 2016 and a late penalty of
double entry fees may be incurred after this date.
The Piping Steward
PO Box 34 Waipu 0582

 All Premium & Open Grade events require three tunes of each time signature to be submitted to the Piping Steward on the day of competition.
 B Grade Championship competitors must submit 2 x tunes each event. Judges nominate which tune to play.
 Under 21 events require two tunes in each event to be submitted to Chief Steward prior to event.
 Novice Event is for competitors who have not won a Novice competition before and have not competed at a National contest. Novice Pipers are listed as D Grade for these competitions.
 Pipers may enter in their own grade and one above.
 Event 0 Music: Own choice of any tunes lasting no less than 6 minutes and no more than 8 minutes.
 Event 14. Music: Own choice. Minimum playing time of 3 minutes - maximum 5 minutes.
 Events 6 &7, 8 & 9, 10 & 11; B Grade & U21 will be combined, but judged separately. Notify Judge & Steward prior to playing.
 U21 competitors can pay & enter both events. Prizes will be awarded in both categories
 Under 21 pipers note. A 4th placing will be awarded in all your events, although prize money may not be paid (depending on entries)
 A $2 refundable charge will be made for competitor’s numbers.
 Winning Pipers MUST wear correct Highland dress for Trophy presentation
Most Points in any grade for a competitor residing in Northland: Grant Downey Trophy
Conducted under the rules of the NZ P& D Association. Registration cards will be requested
Evening Ceilidh & Meal Tickets are available from the Secretary’s office during the day.
The Waipu Primary School is available for camping
Contact Steve Goldthorpe 09 432 0532 or 0274 849764 or Steve.Goldthorpe@xtra.co.nz
The 146th Waipu Highland Games Jan 1st 2017
The U21 Piobaireachd event will be held in conjunction with the B Grade Piobaireachd. Prize Money will be awarded in both classes and U21 Competitors can pay & compete for both events in this competition. The second event for WBM scholarship competitors will be the U21 2/4 March. The first four place-getters in these TWO events will qualify for WBM Scholarship placing.
Entry forms for all Piping events are available from Piping Steward.




Mervyn Appleton - Novice / C Grade

Iain Blakely - B Grade / Piobaireachd

Stuart Finlayson - A Grade

Marion Horsburgh - A Grade


Competitors MUST report to the Board Stewards at least 5 minutes prior to each.event, otherwise their right to compete may be forfeited. Tuning time at the board will be at the judge's discreation.