The Waipu Caledonian Society Inc.
Comunn Na H-alba Waipu
Solo Piping Programme
Established 1871 Tir nam Beann’s nam Gleann’s nam Gaisgeach - The country of the mountains, the glens and the heroes
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit - No one injures me with impunity


Adjudicators :

Iain Robertson,   Wellington  -  Open

Stuart Finlayson,     Northland  -  Open

Peter Maclean,   Ashburton -  B Grade & Non Championship Events under 21

Bain McGregor,    Northland – Under 21 Hornpipe & Jig -  (New Zealand Championship)

Merv Appleton,   Auckland  -  C and D Grade


Conditions of Entry
This Competition shall be conducted under the rules of the Piping & Dancing Assn of NZ except for No’s   0, 14 & 15. Every competitor shall produce a membership certificate for the current year when asked to do so and if unable to do so may be required to apply for membership forthwith.

P & D Rules relating to Pipers Dress will be adhered to. In the event of a tie for a trophy aggregate marks will be used.
Rule 37 regarding tuning will be enforced. Competitors risk disqualification if they are not ready to play when called upon.

No New Zealand, North Island or Centre Championship shall be awarded unless there are not fewer than 5 competitors in the event and the Judge certifies the winning performance is of standard to merit the award of the Championship.  


Competitors MUST report to Board Stewards at least 5 minutes prior to each event, otherwise their right to compete may be forfeited. Tuning time at the board will be at the judge’s discretion.


All events: 3 entries - 1st Prize only awarded 5 entries - 1st & 2nd Prizes awarded 7 entries - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes awarded 15 or more entries - A 4th Prize will be awarded


Note: No Animals are allowed into the Caledonian Park.
This is a Health Dept, requirement and will be enforced by our Security Staff

Entries close on the 30THNovember 2018 and a late penalty of
 double entry fees may be incurred after this date.

If there are factors outside our control, we reserve the right to alter this program.



The Piping Steward
PO Box 34 Waipu 0545