frequently asked questions


  • Q: Do you have Eftpos facilities at the event?

    A: We do have Eftpos at the Gate and in the secretary's office, no credit cards accepted. You can get cash out at the secretary's office, however we recommend you bring some cash with you. The Bars are cash only.

  • Q: Can we bring our dogs?

    A: As this is a private sports ground, dogs are not permitted.

  • Q: Can we bring food and drink in?

    A: You can bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks. Due to the licencing laws, no alcoholic drinks may be brought into the park. The venue is licenced with Bars serving alcoholic beverages. There are many food options at the Games at affordable prices. Most the food outlets are run by Community Groups as fundraisers. 

  • Q: Does the event continue if there is wet weather?

    A: Yes! Being a true Scottish event it is held wet or fine and there will still be plenty to do and see. Some events may be cancelled for saftey reasons.

  • Q: Do you have disabled facilities?

    A: We have disabled parking and disabled toilets available.

Q: Can you purchase tickets for the Ceilidh at the games?

A: Yes, at the secretary''s office.