clans at waipu highland games

"The Clan had its foundation first and foremost in the deeply rooted Celtic principle of kindness, a mixture of kinship and long tradition, stronger than any written law." 
Sir Fitzroy Maclean in “The Isles of the Sea”

In recent years the Waipu Caledonian Society has nominated a “Host Clan of the Games " which are drawn from the many Clans who participate at the annual celebrations.

The Clan who is elected is awarded the honour of preceding all other Clans as they are formally marched into the Caledonian Park at the beginning of the Games, they are given a special Clan Site and also feature prominently in the annual souvenir programme.  In 2007 a special celebration was to show case the Clans that were involved in the settlement of Waipu and the sister settlements; such as Whangarei Heads, Kauri and Whangarei itself, which was originally settled by Scots.

Norman McKenzie in his book “The Gael Fares Forth” said the Whangarei County was the most Scottish outside of Dunedin in the South Island or New Munster as it was known then.


Many famous Clans are associated with the original settlers who migrated from Scotland via Nova Scotia and local descendants enjoy visiting the Clan tents to renew friendships with family and visitors who come to the Games each year from all over New Zealand and from around the World. A highlight of every Highland Games is the massed parade of competing Pipers, Drummers, Dancers and Clans prior to the official opening.

Clans who regularly participate at the Annual Waipu Highland Games include the following:

Clan Cameron, Clan Campbell, Clan Davidson, Clan Donald Auckland & District, Clan Donnachaidh / Robertson, Clan Ferguson, Clan Gordon - House of Gordon, Clan Johnston(e), Clan Little, Clan MacLachlan, Clan MacLean, Clan MacLeod, Clan MacKenzie, Clan MacMillan, Clan Munro, Clan MacNeil, Clan McPhee, Clan MacRae, Clan Ross, Clan Stewart, Clan Wallace, Clan Keith, Clan Forsyth.

The majority of Clan Sites have extensive research material available and visitors can check out their genealogy, traditions, heritage and the many other fascinating aspects of Clan Associations. Most of the Clans represented at Waipu produce newsletters and keep their various members in touch with activities during the year.

List of the Host Clans to date:

2001 130th Donald
2002 131st Davidson
2003 132nd MacKenzie
2004 133rd MacMillan
2005 134th Cameron
2006 135th Wallace
2007 136th Clans of Waipu  [Clans that went to Waipu]
2008 137th MacLeod
2009 138th Donnachaidh / Robertson
2010 139th Clan MacLean
2011 140th House of Gordon
2012 141st Clan Stewart
2013 142nd Clan Ferguson
2014 143rd Clan Campbell
2015 144th Clan Keith
2016 145th Clan Donald
2017 146th Clan Donald